Saturday, March 7, 2009


Saturday afternoon was simply the best. Cedar Hill was playing in the regional basketball tournament finals against Duncanville. One of my very best friends happens to be the wife of the Coach of the Cedar Hill Longhorns and mother of one of the starting players, Tanner, who also happens to be a very special former student of mine. WOW, what a game!!! It was not looking so good for Cedar Hill. At the half we were down 34-20. In literally the final seconds of the game, Tayler Jacobs shoots and it’s in ----and Cedar Hill wins 60-59. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a high school game like this. It got even better though when Tanner came to hug his mom, Val. That’s a special young man that comes over and shares his victory with his mom and fans. Tayler also comes over and gives his mom a big hug. Tayler's dad is smiling ear to ear and is clearly so very proud of his son and rightfully so. Later Coach Milson comes and embraces his teary eyed love of his life. Gosh!! It was so touching--brought tears to my eyes and I also saw some tears in the eyes of my VERY dear friend, Robin. I’m thankful these folks are a part of my life. They are all wonderful people and I can’t forget the other member of their family, Rylea, also a former student of mine and a special young lady who somehow was able to get on the court at the end of the game, hug her dad and brother and then take lots of pictures. The team got to cut the net off the goal and there was cheering and clapping, but it was quite a moment with Coach Milson made the final cut and held the net above his head, smiled and acknowledged the fans and his team. This was a moment and a game I won't forget. I’ve known Coach for 12 years since his wife and I started our jobs the same year in MISD, but as Val would say----she was hired before me!!! Coach Milson is an amazing person. He is a GREAT Coach, but a better person. A little known fact about him is he’s a magician and storyteller. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STATE BOUND CEDAR HILL LONGHORNS!!!! BEST OF LUCK!!! You are a great team to follow.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Coach Milson and the Longhorns in the state tournament.

Liz said...

Good luck from Northern Michigan!