Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 30th Anniversary Hubby!!

a letter to my husband:

Dear hubby,
30 years ago today i married you. we were young and in love. now we are older, but still in love. we have had our good times and some bad, but we have stood together. thank you for being strong when i was weak. thank you for walking beside me and not in front. you laugh with me and wipe my tears and tell me i will be okay. you have put up with my impulsiveness, my craziness, and my moods for 30 years. for that alone you deserve an award.

you have been there for me in very difficult situations like when my parents were sick. you came and sat beside me with my dad. you could talk to him when i was crying by the window. i admire your strength and your concern for others. i love that you can get tears in eyes with me, but continue to be strong for me.

i like to lie in the bed with you. i love to cuddle. i love our children and our dogs and our grand puppy. i can't wait until we have grandbabies.

i'm glad you like bonnie hunt. i wish we could be on her show together. i love to watch her show with you after work. it's okay that you love her as long as you love me more.

let's stay married another 30 years!!

your wifey


Blasé said...

30 Years of Marriage. They don't make 'em like they used to!


Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

umm... you haven't written in a while. i think you should get on that.