Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stephanie Nielson's family marks her year of survival

I started reading about Stephanie before the horrible accident that changed her family's lives forever. She is a great writer. I loved reading about her and her beautiful family. I had linked to NieNie Dialogues from another blogger and NieNie became a frequent blog read. After the accident, I continued to follow her story. I have seen her on Oprah and The Today Show and now her story written by Jamiee Rose is featured in Arizona Central Newspaper. Whether you are a NieNie follower or not, you need to read this. It's up close and personal and tells as Stephanie put it "my journey from the accident to now and becoming a mother again". Stephanie is an amazing woman, a beautiful and strong woman with a loving and caring heart. This week features 4 chapters and next Sunday more chapters will be released.

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