Friday, March 19, 2010

A Spring Break Project

all this stuff was on my back porch.......

it's starting to look a little better, but lots more to do.......

i decided to get rid of the chairs. they needed new cushions and i couldn't find any already made and i didn't want to try, because i didn't really like them that much. i took the bench from my bedroom and recovered the cushion---so quick and easy to do. then i took jordan's papasan chair from the garage.

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

the curtains i have had forever and never used in the house. sarah used one of them in college, so i thought why not put them on the porch. See the glider in the background. It's another project I started, but it's far from done. It's really old and something my mom and dad gave me so I really want it to look good.

what do you think?
i'm really working on getting organized and cleaning up and out. i'm either getting rid of or re-purposing stuff that is just lying around. you heard/read it here hubby. are you ready for this??

now i'm off to pull weeds and clean up the flower beds before the cold front comes in. cold, cold, go away come again some november day. let's stay spring, please!


Anonymous said...

that looks great! good job!

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Sarah said...

You haven't updated your blog in a while.