Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emotions running high here

So many things have happened to some special people.  Two of the people I work with have had family members with serious heart problems.  Our wonderful art teacher's dad had a couple of surgeries, but currently is making good progress.  It is so difficult when you have a parent sick.  You know your parents are aging, but when you see them in an emergency room and hospital room a whole new perspective comes to light and you feel powerless and weak.  All sorts of thoughts run through your head.   It is a time I won't forget.

When I first started teaching here, I met Archilene.  She was a veteran 1st grade teacher and I very quickly thought, "Archilene has a heart of gold".  We had children the same age and were involved in some of the same activities with our children.  On Sept. 24th, her life changed when her husband had a heart attack.  He had two stents inserted on Monday and came home on Tuesday.  On Thursday, she took him back to the hospital because he was in a great deal of pain.  They checked him out, did a medication change, and he went home.  Friday morning he suffered another heart attack.  The stents had collapsed so he had quadruple bypass surgery.

These two families have been supported by family and friends with many thoughts and prayers.  They have felt  power and peace that came from the prayers and for that they are thankful.  In difficult times like this, it is prayer that keeps a person going because at any given time you may be engulfed with emotion and pain while seeing a family member suffer.  The uncertainty becomes stifling, but yet you find the strength to go on.  I believe this comes from your faith and the prayers, care, and concerns that others give.  Amy and Archilene-You  and your families are loved and cared for by many. 

Sept. 30 was C.H.A.S.E. day.  One year ago, a beautiful baby boy named Chase was born and was held and loved in the arms of his loving family, but he was already in the arms of Jesus.
You can read about this special day here and his story begins here.  I don't know Mark and Chelsea personally, although I feel like I do.  I feel close to them because of their journal and working with Chelsea's precious sister, Cortni.  I know Mark and Chelsea are strong and this strength comes from their faith in God and they changed a time of utter despair to hope and health for other children by forming His Chase FoundationHis Chase exists to make a lasting difference in the lives of orphans.  From the foundation's website:
If you wonder what impact you are making in the world...or what He's "calling" you to do in life, you're in the right place. We believe the call to all people is to take care of His little ones --- children who desperately need the hope of new life --- the fatherless. His Chase exists solely for this purpose: To join with people of all passions, talents, and ministries to make a lasting difference in the lives of follow our calling, one project at a time.

His Chase

Even though Chase Day has passed, don't let that stop you. Any day at any given time can be your time,
 "Choosing to Honor thru Acts of Service and Encouragement".

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