Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recap of my 100 goals/wishes for 2011

At the end of 2010, I wrote 100 goals/wishes for the new year. Here's what I feel I accomplished in some ways (although some were not accomplished as fully as I intended to):

1. Travel more. Places I want to visit during my lifetime: Hawaii, States in the Northeast in the Fall, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina to see my former student Tanner play basketball at UNC at Wilmington, Wyoming, Las Vegas, California, Grand Canyon, Europe, Australia, Canada, China,and Alaska. (NOT happening this year, but just wait for 2012--retirement begins in June 2012. We did vacation in Santa Fe and that was a much needed relaxing trip. We also had a short trip to Austin and Fredricksburg for our niece's wedding reception.)

2. Go on a cruise. (Coming in Summer 2013 for sure---it will be a graduation and retirement celebration with my friends)

3. Vacation with the girls. Yes! We had a really great trip to Galveston with lots of laughter.

4. Go to concerts. We had a great time at a James Taylor concert and a Stevie Nicks concert.

7. Exercise. Some---but still need a regular consistent exercise schedule.

8. Lose weight--- A little but not nearly enough.

9. Try new recipes. Yes!!! Favorites were all from Pioneer Woman: Her husband's favorite steak sandwich, pineapple upside cake, and egg in a hole (I know it's crazy I never had it before. What can I say??)

10. Spend quality time with my hubby.

11. Update kitchen. YES!!!! We got rid of very dated wallpaper and it is now paint a color called wisteria snow--a soft soft blue, and the bottom below chair rail is called shark loop, which is a gray blue. We still need a new stove, but it will come in time.

12. Declutter and Simplify. It's a work in progress, but if you looked at my garage you would say no way did you declutter.

15. Save money. I think I did. I certainly think I bought a lot less clothes. What do you think sweet hubby?

16. Make extra principal payments on mortgage. House will be paid for before I retire!!!!!

17. Read. Favorite book: The Help.

18. Grow my own vegetables. With the hot summer, my garden was not as good as I had hoped but I did grow some tomatoes, peppers, spinach, and cilantro.

22. Teach Adah some tricks. Well, if you count jump on everyone that comes in, lick you in the face, jump high in the air to greet you with so much love, and sit, then yes!

24. My husband says to work on being nicer; I think this is really directed towards him. You know sometimes we are nicer to other people than our own families, which isn't the way it should be. My hubby gets the worst of me at times and I'm sorry for this baby. Thank you for loving, encouraging, and supporting me. I'm a work in progress.

25. Volunteer.

26. Be more frugal.

27. Participate in the 5K walk/run for David Milson on March 26th.

33. Go to a Rangers game. We did go to 2 minor league games: Frisco Roughriders and Grand Praire AirHogs.

35. Get a pedicure. I was saving $$ here and gave them to myself.

38. Praise, worship,and pray.

40. Sing.

41. Buy less.

42. Plant flowers.

43. Take time to smell the flowers.

44. Look for rainbows.

46. Go tubing. I did in a swimming pool, but this isn't exactly what I meant!

48. Watch the Rose Bowl and celebrate when TCU wins. GO HORNED FROGS!!! 1st accomplishment!!! Hurrah!!

49. Keep in touch with former students.

50. Send my 10 year letter to my 2nd grade students from 2001.

51. Trim the hedges.

52. Celebrate my 32nd wedding anniversary.

53. Watch Rylea play basketball.

54. Babysit Hannah and Haley.

57. Buy thoughtful presents.

58. Have fun with my daughter.

62. Kim and I get the iTouches set up and ready to go for my school.

64. Play games.

65. Enjoy the sun and the rain and the wind.

66. Sleep later than 7 am on the weekend. I actually did this a few times!

69. Seek the positive and avoid the negative. I've learned a great deal this year; it's important to focus on the positive because the negative just drags you down.

71. Hold a baby. Thanks to baby Jackson!! :)

72. Do random acts of kindness.

73. Clean out my closet. I did this, but now it needs it again.

75. Sell some stuff I don't need or want on swap shop.

78. Go to First Monday in Canton.

74. Put at least 1 puzzle together. If children's puzzles count, then yes.

78. Accentuate the positive.

79. Love more.

80. Donate.

81. Reach out to others.

87. Plan a family get together with our nieces and nephews. One side of the family, but need to plan something else with the other side.

89. Finish writing my 100 goals. I didn't think I'd get this far, but I did.

91. Recycle more.

95. Be thankful.

97. Always have a smile to share. Even on some bad days, I always smiled with the kids I taught.

98. Go on walks--I did this a little, but not nearly as many times as I should.

99. Take relaxing Sunday drives with my hubby--we took a few, but definitely not enough.

100. Make a difference in the lives of the children I teach. I have a wonderful group of kids that bring me hugs, love, and laughter. It's great to end a 31 year teaching career with such a special group of children.

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