Saturday, February 28, 2015

Random crazy thoughts of a joyful woman

I feel trapped.

I should feel free.

I've been outside this morning and was contemplating building a snowman with the hubby, but now the snow is a crunchy tundra that I almost fell on.  Back inside I sit down still wearing my parka.  My body senses any gap of open skin and says "Cover me up!  Pull your socks up because they have fallen down.  Tuck your tank top back into your sweatpants.  Pull your sweater down.  Or maybe get a bigger longer sweater."  Those are my thoughts.  I answer them, too.  I make another cup of coffee with my Keurig's refillable cup.  I don't even measure the coffee anymore.  I just pour it in.  I'm crazy like that.  Hubs asks what I am doing and I tell him, reading my words to him.  He tells me it isn't that cold in the house.  I tell him I understand he's not cold but I am.  I also warn him that I might write about him......  that quiets him.

We are watching TV.  I am watching Modern Family for the 2nd time this morning because hubs was still sleeping the first time I watched it.  Now he is watching it.  I'm thinking, "Please don't doze off because I don't want to watch this a 3rd time!"

Now I contemplate life and feel I'm selfish.  I worry about families that are really cold with little or no heat, kids that might not have a hot meal to eat, Senior citizens that are lonely and need someone to talk to.  If I just think about it and don't have any actions, I'm not helping though.   So I'm making a plan,  I'm not going to just sit here...

May we all be more thankful for what we have.
Choose and find joy every day.
Be kind regardless of how our day is going or how we are treated.
Love more because that alone can make the difference.

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