Monday, July 21, 2008

Ellie the grandpuppy

this is ellie's 1st picture that j sent me when he and k found her at a local animal shelter during their spring break 2007. he sent me this picture to see what i thought...... and if you know me you know exactly what i was thinking......... adorable and so sweet. when they brought her home, she got them a little worried though. first thing she did was fall in the pool and k had to fish her out and then she jumped in my tiny fish pond. thank goodness she didn't do that anymore!!!
Jordan visited us on July 4th weekend. I hadn't seen him since March and his dad hadn't seen him since Feb. Sooooo it was time for a visit. Unfortunately, K couldn't come because she was scheduled to work so that was no fun for her and we missed having her here. We had been keeping Ellie when J & K went on their vacation so he was here to pick her up. She didn't much care for the water, but i think she looks pretty cute.

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