Sunday, August 3, 2008

wedding memories

it seems like yesterday, but j & k were married on dec. 29. it was a beautiful wedding. k did a wonderful job with everything. i could go on and on, but k was absolutely breathtaking and j was a pretty handsome groom if i do say so as his mom. we had a wonderful time. such wonderful memories i have......

j has 4 more days in houston and then starts in job in BR on Aug. 11th and k will be here on tues after the moving van gets them all ready for their big move. she is stopping here on her way home to be a bridesmaid in a wedding and visit her family.

2 comments: said...

looks like a beautiful wedding!
see you soon at school!!

Natalie said...

Hey girl!!! Those wedding pics are great! We have to get together before school starts, for sure. Miss you too! Talk to you soon.