Monday, August 4, 2008

dearest daughter

Sarah is a Red Raider, but her brother is an OSU Cowpoke.

i don't know if sarah's nana taught her to make snow angels or not, but that was one of my niece's favorite memories of my mom.

my daughter,sarah, is a senior nursing student at Texas Tech. she began nursing school in july 07 and has been in school pretty much full time since then. her 2nd summer session ends in a week and she will be home for a few days. YAY!!! i know she will enjoy some time away from school and work. she recently started a job in pediatrics at covenant and is really enjoying it. between work and school, she's a very busy girl. she seems to have a good balance of work, school, and play. i'm a pretty proud momma!! she has some great friends there and she's a big sports fan. she loves her red raiders.

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Cortni said...

Look at you!! You are a blogging pro!! You should have started this a long time ago...a playlist and all!! I am impressed!

I love reading about your sweet family!