Thursday, January 22, 2009

CANCER=pain, suffering, & sadness

i was thinking alot this week about my next door neighbor, but a thought doesn't help anyone unless it becomes an action. i hadn't seen or talked to him since Christmas Eve. i didn't want to just pop in and i didn't know whether to call or send a card and i hadn't done either. He was diagnosed with cancer last April and had been undergoing chemotherapy. He was still optimistic, and hoping to beat it, but he was weak from his last round of chemo. i had a bad feeling when i drove up this afternoon after school and there were a couple of cars in his driveway. i was walking to the mailbox when his daughter called my name and i knew he had passed away. i immediately teared up and we both tried to talk through our tears. CANCER I HATE YOU!! I know advances have been made in your treatment, but why can't we find a cure--an END to you. You have taken the lives of too many people that I cared about.

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