Wednesday, January 28, 2009

happenings on my bad weather day

It’s been a good day. I’ve been rather lazy, but loving every minute of it. I changed from pj’s to sweats in the afternoon. Yesterday was my neighbor’s memorial service. It was tough. Both his daughters talked and his granddaughter had written a letter to her papa that her aunt read with her holding the letter---that was the saddest part. I had the hardest time writing his daughters a little note because my mind and heart were being flooded with memories. Simple little things like talking over the fence to each other about our kids, his grandkids, and our dogs. I remember once we called him from Sweetwater and asked him to go check to make sure we had turned off the water to the pool. I remember how much he loved his doggies. One dog had died of cancer and when he had found out she was sick, he came over and talked to me about it and he had gotten tears in his eyes talking about it.

When we got home, I was pretty tired and fell asleep watching What Happens in Vegas. Sometime after 9:00, I found out we weren’t having school. I had mixed feelings about it. I know, I know, that is crazy, but all I was thinking was missing a day off later when we have to use one of our bad weather days. I had hoped for just a 2 hour delay, but I’ve enjoyed my day. The ice didn’t melt in time for us to have a late start anyway. Hubby was here until after lunch.

My baby girl graduates in 3 months and 18 days!!! That is hard to believe. Now I must come to the realization that holidays will be totally different because she could be working on some holidays and j and k will be alternating Christmas and Thanksgiving at our house and k’s parents’ house. Hopefully, the kids can get on the same schedule for the holidays. I tend to worry early and over analyze certain situations---like Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year J & K & S will hopefully be here for Thanksgiving. I naturally would prefer Christmas, but J & K were here this past Christmas. Sooooo it’s K’s parents turn. I’m already thinking, “No one will be here on Christmas Day” My baby girl will be working. Hopefully, our friend B will still come over or else I shall be in utter despair. I’m thinking a few days after Dec. 25th, hubby, daughter, and I will drive to J & K’s house and we will celebrate Christmas then. It just makes me sad to think of family traditions changing and my kids getting even older and starting traditions of their own. So in December Hubby, don’t let me get too sad and if I get too touchy, grouchy, or unbelievably hard to live with, just wrap your arms around me and tell me you love me and that everything will be fine. To my friends--early warning---I’m anticipating sadness.

I’ve done better at the last couple of movies I’ve been to. The 1st movie with no flowing tears was Bridewars, and then Last Chance Harvey. They were both enjoyable and I would recommend them. Hubby did not see Bridewars--it was a girls’ outing.

A very sad movie I did see though was Slumdog Millioniare. This movie is nominated for several academy awards, rightfully so, I might add. It’s set in India and is about 2 orphan brothers. This movie is hard to watch, but has a story that needs to be told.

Each day I check Kelly's blog. Harper has been making progress every day, but today was a very special day for them. They got to hold her and feed her for the first time. It was so touching.

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