Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cooking and Dancing (not at the same time)

Two of my favorite websites for cooking are allrecipes and food network. On both of these sites you can create your own recipe box and save their recipes and add your own personal/family recipes. If you have ever had your computer crash and lost recipes that you had been collecting, you will appreciate the greatness of making a recipe box on these websites. You could even create a family recipe box by sharing your log in info and password.

I love watching cooking shows. That's where I found garlic hasselback potatoes with herbed sour cream. They are very easy to make and yummy(minus the parsley in the sour cream but add cilantro).

I want to try these two recipes I saw Paula Deen make: apple fried pies

and strawberry gelatin cheesecake I made this on Sunday, Jan. 25--not so great--will not make again.

I will hold off making the fried pies for a while cause they aren't exactly low calorie.

Tonight hubby and I are watching inauguration coverage and we saw President Obama and Michelle dancing for the lst time at the Neighborhood Ball and I think my hubby slow danced better at our son's wedding than he did. Too bad our bodies don't compare to theirs though. I don't think my body ever looked like Michelle's---now if you put me on the ancient torture machine--the rack--for a couple of months and then rolled over me a few times with a steam roller that might help. Great song though and I loved Michelle's dress. It is very evident he loves his wife. We watched him dance at a couple more balls and my hubby said, "I wonder if he has to dance at all the balls, he'll probably be gripey." :)

I wonder if I will remember I was blogging on this history making day while watching it all. Hubby, do you remember we saw Stevie Wonder in concert and were sitting on the 2nd row? (not a totally random comment--Stevie did perform several songs at the ball!!!) It was greatness. Oh, I bet you don't exactly remember that, but do remember that I made you leave after the 1st or 2nd encore and Stevie ended up singing quite a few more songs. I'm thinking we had to get home to the kids....

Biden just said the reason he's talking so much is because he sure can't dance. Then he goes on to say he may not can dance, but he sure does like holding her. OH!! He has captured my heart with that loving comment. MEN SHOULD NOT BE SO NEGATIVE ABOUT DANCING. DON'T THEY KNOW IT'S NOT WHETHER THEY CAN DANCE OR NOT. IT'S ALL ABOUT THEM BEING WILLING TO DO SOMETHING THEIR WOMAN ENJOYS & BE CLOSE TO HER IN PUBLIC WHILE LISTENING TO GREAT SONGS THAT MAKE WONDERFUL MEMORIES.
Hey Hubby-If you're reading this, do you remember how much fun you had dancing at the wedding? You ENJOYED yourself. It was a wonderful evening. Can't we do it again? I think you dance better than the President!!!

***Baby Harper is doing better, but continues to need your prayers.

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