Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm putting it out there

Losing weight
Well, I'm trying to make myself accountable by recording this where other people see it. I have the fear of failure and risk the humiliation I may suffer, but I've got to do this in hopes it will make a difference. I'm overweight and really should lose weight to be in better health. As many of you know my mom had Alzheimer's and one of the ways to prevent it by keeping your mind and body active. At least I have part of it down. My mind is kept pretty active between my teaching math at school and playing my Nintendo DS with Big Brain Academy, Brain Age 1 and 2, and Crosswords. I completed the DS mind game--Professor Layton and the Curious Village. They are all pretty fun games and they keep up with my progress whether it be improvement or regression. I have a Wii Fit that I really like and I must admit I started out really strong and was doing it a couple of times a day, but then vacation came and I got off schedule. It has been hit or miss since then. Now when I get on it, it may say it has been over two weeks since your last test. I can skip that and sometimes I do, but then I'm not being accountable for my actions. It's so nice when it says you've lost 2 pounds, but then the next time it might say you've gained 3 pounds. So I'm up a pound from before. BLAH!! So today I resolve to eat better and not binge on sweets. Let me just say I love sweets. On the first day back to school, someone had placed some candy in the lounge and one of the treats was Godiva chocolate covered pretzels. Let's just say they were pretty good and I had a couple------------a couple of times. I have this issue with willpower when it comes to sweets and I can't eat them in moderation. I'm working on this and I guess I'm either going to have to stop eating them altogether or give myself a specific portion and stick to it. Any advice? Comments? Tips?

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking this will be a good year for you. Keep at it! It's a tough job losing weight, but I believe you can do it.