Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My kids have found their wings

I was flooded with emotion while watching this video.

It brought back so many memories of my children. It's hard to believe so many years have passed since I had moments like some of the ones shown in the video. I have several friends that have grown up children and I have one friend that is already beginning to struggle thinking about what this next school year will bring as her son graduates from high school and then leaves home for college. I also have some friends/relatives that have either babies, toddlers, or school age children. My dear niece has one child beginning 1st grade and the other 4th grade. These boys can't be that old already!! One friend has a daughter beginning kindergarten. How can this be? It seems like she was just born a few days ago. We blink our eyes and they change.

It's hard, so very hard to watch our babies grow up. I know cause I still struggle with it. I started crying on Sunday when we were leaving Jordan and Kristeen's house after spending several days with them. I thought at first I could control it. I wiped a few tears and thought I can do this. No one has to know. I put on my sunglasses and went to the restroom to blot my eyes, but then I sobbed and I think they heard me. I came out and sat down and the tears were flowing freely. I couldn't control it.

Memories that flood my heart and eyes until they overflow with droplets of salty water:

The first time I saw Jordan. I touched his cheek and thought this is our little baby. It was love at first sight.

Taking Jordan to meet his dad for lunch at Wendy's when he was about 2 years old. He was wearing white shorts and blue and white striped shirt and little keds---he was adorable with his blond hair and blue eyes. When he held his daddy's hand walking to the car, my heart melted.

Hearing "It's a girl" followed by the sweetest little cry when Sarah was born and then being able to hold her right after she was born.

Jordan picking every daffodil I had shortly after Sarah was born. He brought them to me so proudly, smiling ear to ear. It was the sweetest thing!! I think he needed some attention after his baby sister had taken some of his.

2 year old Sarah taking her dad a balloon bouquet for Valentine's Day. She had a little red plaid dress on and the balloons were bigger than she was. We had gone to his office and she ran down the hallway with the balloons waving above her head. Her expression and smile were worth a million.

I have more to write but my eyes are closing....... check back later....

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