Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Please Pray for Kate McRae; Blogger community prayers are needed

modified from Kate's caring bridge site:

Monday June 29th began like every other day for the McRae family, and ended like one the family could have never imagined. Their daughter Kate was taken to the dr. for tremors in her right hand. They proceeded to Phoenix Childrens Hospital for a stat CT of her head. At 5:30 Holly, Kate's mom, was taken into a room alone and told Kate had a massive tumor on the basil ganglia portion of her brain. She had surgery on July 3rd and Kate needs our prayers, as does her family, Aaron, Holly, Olivia and Will. Specific prayer requests from the family on July 13th as posted on their caring bridge site:

1. Improvement in Kate's right arm and hand, as we are not seeing much at all
2. Protection from any sort of outside illness for Kate (and Aaron and Holly for that matter)
3. Sleep for Kate especially, as she desperately needs it to heal.
4. Wisdom for everyone involved in her care, that the best plan of action would be developed for her.
5. No, absolutely no, cancer cells in her spine.
6. Protection for Kate's hearing specifically during the chemo
7. Protection for Kate's kidney's during the chemo
8. That the tumor would shrink (miraculously, or through medicine)
9. That God would get glory through Kate's horrific journey
10. Kate's healing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot begin to comprehend how this family feels, but I do believe in the power of prayer. I've seen the blogging community come together for many children/adults and I think it's time once again. I am not too blogger savvy and I cannot figure out how to do a link box that other bloggers can copy and paste into their sidebars. So if you know how or can paste this request on, I would so appreciate it and I know the McRae family would.

This song was written by Audrey Assad, a Nashville Singer-Songwriter, during an online Global Night of Prayer for Kate McRae. The lyrics came in one pass that night and the chords/melody came the following morning.

Little Light by Audrey Assad

Look at all the angels watching you
They’re singing songs that we have never heard
Their voices ring like bells over the mountains
Oh, if only we could hear their words
God is near, little girl.

Your eyes are brilliant,deep sky blue.
Your quiet wisdom is an evening song.
The angels must be breathless at your beauty
Like the world catches its breath before the dawn.
God is near, little one.

And Jesus bends to hear you breathe;
His tender hands are holding you tonight.
His heart is ravished when you look at Him,
and oh, the endless mercy in His eyes;
God is here, little light.

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