Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Memories of David Milson

Our family friend, David Milson, lost his battle with cancer on  Monday, Jan. 31st. He will be missed by all who knew him. I don't think he ever met a stranger because he talked to everyone. There just aren't too many people like David in this world.  My mom would have said they broke the mold when David was born.  He was so much more than a friend or coach, inspiring not only his players but friends he encountered in his day to day life. For you see, once you met David he was your friend and he remembered you and details about your life. My daughter, Sarah, loved David.  He taught her to two step and he always had a hug when she needed one.  When she graduated from high school, he wrote, "I know you're going to love Tech.  Stay out of Uncle Nasty's and go to the library."  One of his former students, Michael Green, wrote on David's facebook page, "Coach once told me, "Whatever you are, be a good one."" I can hear him saying that. He had an uncanny ability to say just what you needed to hear.

David joined my family for several Thanksgivings. He always brought some pies, many smiles and lots of laughter to our home along with a few tricks to share. We loved him. My great nephews thought he was a relative and I guess you could say he's the relative everyone wishes they had. Each year they hoped "the magic man" would be there. He would find quarters behind their ears and he had a floating dollar they tried to catch. 

Monday evening when we arrived at the Milson's home and were taking phone messages, David pulled the wool over our eyes once more.  I was attempting to write and the pen wouldn't cooperate.  In fact the bottom section kept bending when I was trying to write.  I asked my friend Robin for another pen, telling her this one was broken.  She messed with it a little, jokingly accusing me of breaking it, but discovered the trickster was at it once more!!!  It was David's trick pen.  He brought us laughter once more.  David always seemed to have a bag of tricks up his sleeve. On New Year's Eve, he showed us how to use the prank call application on his iPhone.  He loved everyone's reactions to his magic tricks and pranks. 
David's treasures were his family. Oh, how he loved them! I love this picture of David and Rylea. When Rylea's date came in to meet her parents for the first time, this is the sight that welcomed him.

Let's just say he was protective..........and funny........and very genuine.

David loved to watch his kids play basketball. He taught them to play with skill and heart and to love the game.
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Valree asked David to dance over 28 years ago. We are so glad he accepted.
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While our hearts weep from what we have lost, we know there is great rejoicing in Heaven. I can only imagine yesterday in Heaven, welcoming our "Coach", our friend. I imagine there was contagious laughter from his jokes and magic tricks and I bet they had a great game of basketball, probably a never ending tournament began. Let us remember the way David lived his life and some of his words from his caring bridge site:

"Remember to let go and let God.

The Bible teaches: that God can use anyone, anywhere, to be His instrument of provision for those who trust Him. This truth has been evident in this journey many times over.

Talking to God throughout the day and involving him in everything I do has really filled my heart and soul. I’m just a simple man that is learning everyday how God blesses you when you include him in all you do.

Winning: I believe you win with average people doing above average things.
Losing: Is a habit, just like winning, knowing the difference in the habits is key."

and don't forget to drive friendly cause that's what the sign says. I just read this from Mark Dent's sports blog on Feb. 1st about David.


Anonymous said...

Coach Milson will not be forgotten. He leaves us with so many wonderful memories and some wise words to live by.

Anonymous said...

I can see what a wonderful person he was, from your words. My deep condolences to his family n friends.