Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finding my niche

I think I might have found it or at least one of them.  Can't be sure yet, but it's pretty good.  I've done a variety of activities without a care and hubby please note---I'm not spending any money.  I worked in the yard--used the weed eater, my new cordless hedge trimmer, rake, broom, etc.  Adah has been swimming already.  You may say how can that be good cause you're working.  It's a beautiful day!  I'm in the sunshine, but the thing that makes it so good is I'm not under a time frame.  I'm not rushed.  I'm relaxed, sitting by the pool right now with some lemonade iced tea and it's good, so good.  I'm loving life and to think I can do this all the time is incredibly unbelievable. 

Sitting by the pool, seeing my 1st butterfly of the season, hearing the chirping birds, and seeing the baby birds in the hanging basket on my back porch are my joys of the day.

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