Monday, April 16, 2012

A story I probably shouldn't tell......

The names have been changed to protect the unsuspecting and the innocent.

Once there was a teacher who had dealt with her bra straps falling down all day. Those straps weren't just falling off a little; they would fall halfway down her arms and even restrict her arm movement. She would pull them up and they would fall back down over and over again all day long. It was driving her CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooo after school she just couldn't take it anymore. Almost everyone had left the building and she was standing by the copy machine and said to herself, "I can just take this blasted bra off now!!!" She did hope no one came in and also that there wasn't a surveillance camera hidden somewhere. Ever so carefully, she unfastened the bra and immediately felt a freedom as it came loose and even more relief when the straps were taken down through the arms of her red school hoodie. She remained very discreet during this action. It seemed as years had passed since this freedom had been felt before, but in reality it had only been the day before.  She put it in the front pocket of her hoodie and really meant to take it out when she got back to her room and put it in her school bag, but with everything on her mind she forgot. After school, she headed to Subway to fix a lovely dinner for her beloved husband. The teacher was standing in line at Subway when a voice comes from behind her and says, "Are you cooking dinner like I am?" She turns around and sees Coach and wife, Susan and daughter. This teacher had taught with Susan on another campus in our district and they don't see each other very often so they had quite a conversation that almost prevented her from getting dinner ready. While the teacher was talking, she was messing with her pockets and just happened to look down and realized that perhaps Susan and Coach had seen her pastel blue bra with cherry blossoms coming out of her pocket. She quickly pushed it into her pocket and was very mortified even though most female teachers WEAR bras; they don't CARRY them in their pockets.  Thoughts of Coach clouded her thoughts as she imagined he was thinking about the crazy 2nd grade teacher from his school that was apparently not wearing a bra because it was hanging out of her pocket.

Moral of story: If you happen to feel restricted by an undergarment and take it off at work, remember not to carry it around with you for others to see. Also consider buying new bras!!!!!

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