Saturday, February 16, 2013

mY PiNteRest PrOjEcTs #5

I can hardly believe it's February 16 and I actually wrote this on Jan. 12, but never published it.  I love Pinterest and how it keeps my projects and ideas organized.  Perhaps my favorite part of it is trying many new recipes.  If you try any of the following recipes,  let me know what you think.  Just click on recipe title or link under each picture.  I'd love to hear from you.

Neiman Marcus Dip

Neiman Marcus Dip was so delicious and so simple to make.  I did use regular bacon not the bacon crumbles, mainly because of the extra preservatives in the packaged variety.

Hubby and I both loved this.  It would be great to take to a party.
***** Highly recommend.  Will be making this again.

Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich

This is from the Ree Drummond's blog-The Pioneer Woman.  She has some great recipes and I also love to watch her cooking show on Food network.  This has become our favorite go to steak sandwich.  I do add sweet red peppers with the onions to her recipe which I think makes it even better.  We cannot get enough of this.  Did you know the secret of cooking steak is frying it in butter?  YuMmY!!! and oh so delicious!!  I actually had a good friend tell me he loved me after eating this meal.  It was greatness!!!
*****This is a tried and true recipe.  LOVE IT!

Corn, Cucumber, Tomato Salad

I first had a salad like this at a TCU football game from The Big Purple Truck.  It was love at first bite and a taste explosion in my mouth.  I couldn't believe I had never tried anything like it before.  So shortly after the game I began an internet search and found this recipe.  I add red peppers, cilantro, pepper, and use rice vinegar and a little lemon juice in mine. 
*****DeLIGHTfully delicious, a favorite

Thanks to Debbie and Dakota at Just a Spoonful of...... for the Neiman Marcus dip recipe, Ree Drummond for Marlboro Man's Sandwich, and Molly Watson from for the Corn, Cucumber, and Tomato Salad. You have made many meals for my family and friends better.  I think a perfect meal would be to have all 3 of these recipes. 


Anonymous said...

I have made the corn and cucumber salad. It really is good.

Mama Bird said...

I haved pinned 2 of the 3 you shared,great minds cook alike!! Poppingby from Kelly's Corner. Happy to have found you! Pop by