Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random thoughts of a wandering mind

Well, I felt the urgency to post especially since Cortni posted 2 days ago and it has been since Sept. that I posted. Where has the time gone and why no posts? Time just gets away from me. I am so busy with school, paperwork, and just day to day activities. I don't know how I did everything when my kids were younger and we had all their activities and practices. I just remember when Jordan began to drive my life became easier. Then when Sarah started to drive, I had to worry!!! Is it natural to worry more about a daughter driving than a son? Maybe it was because she was the baby. I love you Sarah beara and Jordie bear. Gosh, I'm so random. Sorry.

Soooooo here's what new with me:
1. I'm a year older--wish i could say I was wiser, more beautiful, more in shape, but all i can say is I'm still fun loving, a tad bit crazy (in a good way!!) and I don't think I will ever grow up.
2. I've decided to be a vegetarian. I've thought about it for a long time and after much thought I felt it was what I should do. You can also contribute watching OPRAH to this decision. Now I know some friends (you know who you are!!) think I'm a bit crazy for doing this. It's okay!!!! I'll be alright. We can still eat out. I can always find something to eat at restaurants. Hopefully this decision will be a step towards getting into better shape and maybe even lose some weight---ugh!! I am really working on this. I have even started walking after school and I'm back doing my wii fit exercises.
3. My dad turns 90 on Nov. 16th and we are having a surprise birthday party for him. Let's just hope we can get him out of his pajamas and to the party spot. Last Sunday I wanted my sister to bring him to my house for lunch and he wouldn't budge. He's pretty ornery, but I do love him!!
4. Life passes by too quickly. Enjoy each day. I read blogs of these incredibly strong people and I wonder if I could be that strong in their situations. The latest blog I'm reading is about a baby boy named Witt born on Oct. 23rd. You can read the family blog here.
5. I still hate just 2 things in life: Alzheimer's and Cancer. I think it's okay for me to hate those 2 diseases. Both have affected my family.

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annalee said...

thank you so much for adding witt to your blog! it means more than i can say with words!