Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

And I'm not going to watch it. Sorry kids and hubby, but it just doesn’t interest me. I do like football and I know it's the biggest game of the year; I just want to do something else. Now I might watch halftime and the puppy bowl some, but other than that I can leave it alone. I didn’t mind getting ready and straightening up the house some and cooking a little. I made Tamras Lemon Artichoke Pesto. (***I didn't used frozen artichokes though. I had gotten a large jar of them from Costco. They had been packed in some oil so I probably only added 1/4 cup of olive oil.) Yum Yum!! It's good on pasta or crackers or bread. One of our friends is here to watch the game with hubby. So hopefully they will enjoy the game while I enjoy myself hanging out in J’s room with my computer, TV, my sewing machine, and several DVDs. Right now while I’m trying to get a little blogging done, I’m listening to Smarter than a 5th grader. I think I need to get on that show. It would be nice to win some money. So far all the questions have been incredibly easy, but I’ll let you know if it gets harder. One question was does every sentence have to have an adjective? Another was how to you spell the word misspell? Now if they ask who is playing in the Super Bowl, I would have to say one team is Arizona, and I don’t know the other team. I know President Obama is for the other team, but I’m drawing a blank as to who it is. For some reason I’m thinking the Steelers, but I’ll have to check on that. Hey I’m right!! That is amazing! So the President is a Steelers fan. Now I’m showing my lack of intelligence on Smarter than a 5th Grader cause I didn’t know a 4th grade question about What state borders the body of water Puget Sound? The contestant, “Hoot” Gibson, knew it, but I’m thinking he doesn‘t live in the south!!!

It was Washington.
Now 5th grade Science question: What do you combine with carbon to make steel? Hmmmmmmm don’t know that either. Do you?

It’s iron!!

4th grade health $175,000 question: The human body has how many spleens? Well, I’m thinking just one. Our buddy that is here had his spleen removed over 21 years ago. I remember that because my daughter was just a month or so old when he called to tell us that he was going to the hospital.

3rd grade art 300,000 question: What is the name of the artist that painted this picture (Mona Lisa) in 1506?

Leonardo da Vinci

5th grade World History 500,000 question: Morse code was named for the man who developing in the 1830s. What was his first name? I thought John.

But it was Samuel.

1,000,000 question: Now the contestant had the choice after he saw the category whether he would take it. He wanted Science or Math. It was a math question so he went for it. How many common factors do 28 and 32 have? After a little factoring in my mind, I said three, but Hoot said two, which would be 2 and 4 and so I thought maybe you don’t count 1. Who was right????? He was going to donate all his money--- $500,000 to the astronaut scholarship program which was a very admirable thing to do. But unfortunately for him, he was wrong so he went from 500,000 to $25,000. I had this one!!! There are 3.

I think I would have done pretty good on the show, but I would have used some of the life lines or whatever they are called. Hubby might have thought I was stupid though, but that’s ok. I am what I am.

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How's the diet going? You haven't posted about in a while.