Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gracyn DenBesten's heart transplant

My dearest daughter got me started reading Gracyn's Caring Bridge journal on Easter weekend. It is about a precious 9 year girl named Gracyn DenBesten who was diagnosed with viral myocarditis in Dec. 08. She has been in the hospital since then and received the Berlin heart, an artificial heart that sustains her and allows her time to wait for a heart transplant. Today they are rejoicing because she is receiving a heart transplant tonight--Wednesday, April 15th. While they are rejoicing, they are asking for prayers for the family of the teenage boy that passed away and also for prayers for Gracyn and the surgeons and all those involved in the surgery. You can check for updates on Gracyn here and read some of the journal entries this precious girl has written. She is a delightful girl! Please say some prayers for all involved.

***Update on April 16th---Gray's surgery went well. From her Caring Bridge site: "Gray is doing great this morning. She is responding well and could possibly even come off the ventilator this afternoon. She really wants to get that breathing tube out of her throat. At one point she motioned as if wanting something so Robin held a dry erase board in front of her and Gracyn wrote down the word “chocolate”."

I bet she can have lots of chocolate as soon as the doctors okay it. Lots of love and prayers are surrounding this sweet girl!!


sarahelise said...

this little girl is so sweet and such an inspiration! I want to meet her!!!!!!!!

2dayisgood said...

i know!! it's strange but wonderful how you get attached to people you've never met.