Friday, April 17, 2009

Update on Gracyn DenBesten

Gracyn is doing well. I check her Caring Bridge page at least twice a
day. This morning I read it and got teary eyed because last night Urban Meyer, coach of the Florida Gators, and Tim Tebow, quarterback came by to check on Gracyn. What a special action for these 2 men!! I didn't really know who they were but after I read that, I started to read about them and they are pretty amazing themselves. Don't think I'm living under a rock because I don't know about Meyer and Tebow. I'm just not a big football fan, unlike the rest of my family. I know most football fans would already know this, but Tebow won the Heisman in Dec. 2007, the first underclassman to ever win. They got to see the video of Gracyn singing at school and they asked her if she would come sing to the football team when she was feeling better. Gray hadn't really been a Gators' fan before, but her family thinks she may quickly become one. This video is Gray singing without music-probably at the hospital; I think you will enjoy it. (Scroll down to mute my playlist )

You really need to hear her performing the entire song at school. Just
click here and it will take you to shinevision. The video is on the top right. She wrote the song,"I love you more" and it's beautiful. Listen to the words. This little girl is wise beyond her years. God bless you, Gracyn. I am becoming really attached to you and I've never met you. You are touching the lives of so many people.

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Anonymous said...

Gracyn is remarkable. You have me reading about her now. Thanks!