Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer and the reality of ReTiReMeNt

Where has the time gone?  I last posted 4 months ago.  That's CrAzY!!!  I cannot believe how fast time passes.  When I was child, it seemed an eternity from one birthday to the next.  I wanted each year to go faster.  Now it seems as though time literally flies.  It brings me to the realization that each day we live is important and we need to make the most of each day. 

My last day of school was June 2nd.  Now I need to slap myself and say, "YOU ARE RETIRED!"  The realization is sinking in though since my friends have already been working and they officially start inservice tomorrow, August 21st.  It's a tad bit surreal that I won't be there.  When you work for 31 years teaching and the school year starts and you aren't going, it's strange.  What do I do?  How do I keep myself busy?  Don't worry!!  I have plans!

This summer has been good.  It has gone by so quickly though.  I had a great trip to California with my daughter visiting San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, and driving along the Pacific Coast Highway.  Hopefully pictures will be posted from this trip soon.  I found I once again over packed and vowed to never do that again.  This trip was a first for me.  I was on my own, and I was responsible for the driving after we left San Francisco and I was quite apprehensive about this.  I had visited San Diego twice, but my hubby always drove and I was always in the passenger seat relaxing.  Driving was fine and really quite easy---at least after we got the GPS to realize we were already in California and not driving there from Texas.   My girls' trip was to Galveston and we once again had a wonderful time.  I love traveling with my friends.  We laugh so much when we are together that my sides start hurting and I have to stop laughing for a moment or two so I can breathe.   I first discovered the greatness of Buckee's on one of our trips and I am definitely a fan.  Val usually tries to get me to do something that is questionable and not always acceptable to the general public, but I try to be strong and not yield to peer pressure.  I'm ready for my next trip which is going to be...........
The Grand Canyon.  I've been there once when I was around ten, but my hubby has never been.  Hopefully it will be an exciting adventure. 

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That Val, you have to watch her!