Monday, August 27, 2012

mY Pinterest Projects #2 and it's all good this week

T-shirt storage
 I find so many things on Pinterest that I just want to hit myself in the head and say, "DUH!!! I should have thought of that!"  This storage solution for t-shirts is one of those ideas.  Instead of making stacks of clothing, you fold them and store them vertically which enables you to SEE ALL clothing instead of just the top of the stack.  I have a bunch of t-shirts and tank tops.  I did this quite a few months ago and it has been so much easier to find the t-shirt or tank you need.  I love it!  I would highly recommend it.  When I stored them in horizontal stacks, I would always mess them up looking for the one I needed.  This is a super easy project to try.
*****LOVE it and it doesn't cost you anything.

                                     Body Scrub

Body scrub
This is an amazing body scrub that I made with sugar, coconut oil, and lemon juice.  I'm sorry I don't have a picture of mine, but I've used all of my 1st batch and need to make more.  My recipe did not turn out yellow though it was white.  I just did a normal shave with my shaving cream or soap, and then rubbed this all over my legs and then rinsed it off.  My legs were sooooo soft and glistened.  They stayed soft too!  I also put some on my arms and feet.  I love this stuff.  If you've ever purchased body scrubs before they aren't cheap, but this isn't that expensive unless you buy one of the higher priced coconut oils.  I simply stored it in a rubbermaid container by the tub.  It was so much easier than applying lotion to my legs after bathing.  Applying lotion was also something I often failed to do because of the time required and not wanting to mess up my clothes.  I was a little worried that it might leave a residue and make the tub too slippery, but I would either spray the tub down with Dow Scrubbing Bubbles afterwards and then rinse with warm water or just rinse it with hot water and it was fine.  I think one reason it was so easy to clean was I used coconut oil which is water soluble.  I don't guarantee the results with olive oil or any other oil, but I'm thinking they would leave residue and be harder to clean.  I think we ordered the coconut oil from but I know it's available at Sprouts and other health food stores.  Coconut oil has many uses.
*****Super scrub!!!

This is an amazing drink and oh so much cheaper than the coffee drinks you buy at coffee houses. I feel like I am really indulging myself when I drink it. My friends that I have made it for loved it also. I could not find ground coffee in a 16 ounce container though so using my math skills I used 12 oz. of coffee in 3 quarts of water.  The recipe also stated to let the coffee sit in the water for 12 hours or overnight but I thought this was too long though and the coffee tasted a little bitter so I only let it sit for about 7 hours.  The sweet cream is rich, but you know sometimes you just need to say, "I'm worth it!"  Try this if you like iced coffee drinks; I think you will like love it!  If you want a mocha taste, add a little hershey's syrup or if you want vanilla taste, use vanilla extract or syrup.

*****I will be making this always and forever!!!
Iced Coffee

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